SYI held a ductile iron pipe fittings new conference

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January 12th, SYI held a ductile iron pipe fittings new conference. Mainly Fittings for PVC and PE pipes, Expression Joint Fittings (EX), Mechanical Joint Fittings (MJ), Universal couplings, FA & QA and a series of ductile iron pipe fittings new. Developed this series is a combination of all the advantages of the international market products, is the latest design of the international market, the latest mold, the highest level of quality. New ductile iron pipe two years ago has already been successfully developed. Should the domestic market demand, the international advanced products to the domestic market, ductile iron pipe now a new series was officially released.

Conference, focusing on product quality improvement and market development direction, technical level, sustainable development of the industry, standard installation and commitment to social responsibility, market maintenance and construction and development and other aspects of the discussion, involving a wide range of participants active participation, benefitted !

Company is the ductile iron pipe fittings, connectors of the leading enterprises, with a variety of caliber, high-performance, multi-functional pipe production capacity. Products are widely used in water supply, sewage, petroleum, natural gas and other industries, the company’s own research and design of ductile iron pipe in mass production stage, the production technology has reached the leading level in the same industry, access to international companies the best pipe suppliers, This award is from the top 50 international suppliers of water pipe fittings for the fight, can be seen. Competition can highlight the ultimate strength and advantage to win, so as to better win the company laid the leading position in the industry, in the industry even more voice. The next few years the market, pipe fittings downstream more flowering, the industry is in the high-end, large-scale upgrade process.

The conference introduces the main new products are as follows:

☞ Wide range of connectors: for a variety of pipe mixed connection, no neutral connection connector products (connection range), the connection range up to span 24mm, ductile iron pipe – steel pipe-PVC-PE-cement pipe of the same nominal diameter Different pipes can be connected to each other. a, if the dealer is not sure what the end-user to connect the pipe, then we can choose our products; b, if the old pipe fittings to replace, then the original pipe may be due to rust or slight deformation and Leading to irregular diameter, non-standard, then select a wide range of connector products, to ensure smooth installation without disclosure;

☞ Quick Connector / Quick Connector:

The apron is designed as a two-sided, one-piece seal that provides both a seal and a flange seal at the socket ends and flanges, eliminating the need for an additional seal ring or flat pad when attached; easy and quick installation, good sealing performance; Flange connector, and the cost is lower than the above flange connector; advantages are reflected in the DN400 (OD400) mm diameter and below;

☞Fittings for PVC and PE pipes and connectors: When connecting Fittings for PVC and PE pipes, just remove the pressure and bolts;

☞ Loosing flanged fittings:

Scattered flange pieces along the pipe can be connected to the full rotation angle, so that the bolt hole can be at any angle with the original pipe bolt hole is facing, easy to install;

☞Expression Joint Fittings (EX) and Mechanical Joint Fittings (MJ), Universal couplings (Release / Restricted Socket Fittings):

Expression Joint Fittings (EX) and Mechanical Joint Fittings (MJ), Universal couplings are more slip-proof and leak-proof than the same T-fittings at the same deflection angle;

☞ Push-in Joint Fittings (Tyton): The Dowel Flange has the same effect as a flange taper, but is smaller, lighter, more cost-effective and space-saving than a flanged tube.

☞ Flanged fittings : Blind flange connection can be used to close the mouth when it is unnecessary to install other equipment in the mouth mouth, which will not affect the normal water conveyance of the original waterway.

The new series of ductile iron pipe fittings have the advantages of quick and light weight installation, surface anti-corrosion treatment, raw materials in contact with water sources through safety tests for drinking water, high compressive strength, small casting structure length, cost saving and connection space. And we have the ability to develop new molds and production according to customer requirements.

Sounded the new market horn, the domestic market will bring great demand ductile iron pipe fittings. According to China’s municipal construction plan, the domestic demand for new pipe fittings is strong. Will also ensure that the demand for pipe fittings worry. Mainly for high-end products market, the project prospects are good.

SYI pipe production capacity utilization has remained high. First, solve the production bottleneck; Second, improve the product structure. High-end product unit price is higher than ordinary pipe, but ductile iron pipe fittings performance and quality improvement requirements will be high.

China’s economy has entered a period of transition. Each industry is faced with market consolidation and must undergo innovation and transformation. The hard work behind every successful innovation is the result of many years of hard work and practice that have overcome a number of technical challenges and created the patented technology of mold invention , From the design, mold manufacturing, production process control all by the company independently, with its manufacturing technology property rights, ductile iron pipe fittings in the international arena is at the leading level, confirms the Chinese ductile iron pipe manufacturing technology has reached the world advanced level, Will be widely used in large-scale water conservancy, urban water supply, urban drainage, chemical wastewater transmission project, the product has a multi-functional, leakproof seal, light and quick installation of products, cost-effective, long life and other five major advantages of urban underground pipe network construction project the best choice.

Three years grinding sword, ductile iron pipe new products from manufacturing to creating, leading the development of the industry, with a strong sense of responsibility to society, in the near future will create more advantages of the product, but also according to the customer Different requirements, design and production, service and society.

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