Custom Iron Casting Manufacturer – Solution for Liquid and Gas Supply

An ordinary quality of metal can not survive the high pressure of flow. To deal with it, you need Shanxi Yuansheng Casting & Forging Industrial Co., Ltd. Using high-grade metals makes our production reach a top level of quality. At SYI Group, you can find customized pipes, fittings, manhole covers, flanges, etc.

We have a huge range of iron and steel products as we are a worldwide custom iron casting manufacturer. Our pipeline products ensure a high supply of water, steam, oil, chemicals, and gases. There is full resistance to chemical and moisture corrosion in our metal goods.  Construction, plumbing, agriculture, mining, oil, and gas industries rely on our standards. They trust our quality.

Comprising of Top-Notch Die-Casting Methods and Metals

We have been following the die-casting method for a long time. This means we meet the consistency of metal quality and durability. We use various metals such as ductile iron, steel, and gray iron to enhance quality.

We, as a global custom steel casting manufacturer, produce a variety of metal parts in our factory. Our production includes valves, fire hydrants, pipes, couplings, fittings, and flanges. You can place orders for metal joints, adaptors, and clamps also. To add strength to each metal part, we apply an anti-rust coating on them.

Compliance with Worldwide Standards of Production

Global compliance ensures each component's high strength and resistance power. From K7 to K12, we follow each standard of production. ISO2531, EN545, and EN598 are among the mandatory standards we comply with.  Plumbing components require safety confirmation. We ensure this through standards like C25, C100, AWWA C219, EN 14525, ANSI, and more.

We Serve Bulk Buyers with Wholesale Rates

With a large capacity of production comes large discounts. SYI Group is a custom steel casting manufacturer that sells them at factory rates.

This means you can ask us to manufacture custom steel parts of various shapes at a low price. We have a huge capacity for production, which makes low prices possible for you.  The factory offers custom production. You can get pipes. There are more products in our catalog that you can choose for low-priced supplies.

Why Do Buyers Choose SYI Group?

Buyers like to get top-grade metal quality and low prices. They can have them at Shanxi Yuansheng Casting & Forging Industrial Co., Ltd. Our quality measures are strict for the improvement of production. This includes our OEM services, which you can avail of whenever you want. Our whole team plays its part in meeting the customer satisfaction level.