• Manhole Steps

Manhole Steps

– Polypropylene Manhole Step
– Aluminum Manhole Steps
– Cast Iron Step
– Steel Step


Top China Manhole Covers Supplier to Ensure Safe and Secure Climbing

Long-standing strength and durability combine in our manhole steps. That’s why you should choose Shanxi Yuansheng Casting & Forging Industrial Co., Ltd. When you install these manhole steps in the sewer, there will be no problems in climbing. Plumbers will get proper stability under the feet when going down. Also, they will have full grip when holding the steps coming upwards. As a result, there will be a safe entrance and exit of the sewer for plumbers.

SYI Group Follows Strict Quality Standards

We perform every mandatory step to meet minimum quality standards. That means we work on every area of the manhole steps. Strength, longevity, resistance level, and physical appearance are part of the quality assurance. One of the standards we follow is EN 13101, which fulfills the measures of safety. If the manhole steps are of top-grade quality, they will last longer.

Anti-slip design, High Strength, and Visibility

We know what it takes to be a reliable China manhole covers supplier. To meet those requirements, we add bitumen coating and PP encapsulation to them. This makes them anti-slip, which is the key element in manhole steps. We apply bright color coats on them for better visibility in the dark.

Custom Production in Different Metals with Corrosion Resistant Coat

The strength factor depends on the type of metal we use.  We have various types of metals: cast iron, steel, aluminum, and more. We apply a galvanized coating to enhance corrosion resistance. . Moisture and chemical corrosion have a high impact on manhole steps in sewers. Custom production can allow buyers to get any size of manhole steps. Normally, buyers prefer standard design and size.

Unbelievable Rates for Large Volume Purchase

The prices are very low if you go for bulk purchases. We have unbelievably low prices for buyers in different regions of the world. No matter where you are from, we will offer low rates to you. By placing bulk orders of manhole step supplier, you can get discounts. These reasonable rates make us a top wholesaler in the industry. Large production sizes and low rates are the target of every buyer, and you can reach us for that.

What Makes SYI Group a Top Manufacturer Worldwide?

The Shanxi Yuansheng Casting & Forging Industrial Co., Ltd. has many reasons to prove that. We supply manhole steps overseas to many buyers. They trust us because of our commitment to quality and quantity. Our delivery time and production meet buyers’ expectations.