The Most Potential Member of SYI Group!

SYI OEM Division – the Most Potential Member of SYI Group – provides technical process analysis, develops and manufactures different technology OEM castings and forgings integrating all the resources of SYI Group according to customers’ requirements.

OEM Industrial Castings

All kinds of Investment Castings / Precision Castings, Lost-Wax Castings, Resin Sand Casting, Lost Foam Castings and more.

Achievable: Min. Unit Weight: 0.2 kg, Max. Unit Weight: 2 tons & Max. Dim.: 10000 x 3000mm.

OEM / ODM request is very welcome!

Aluminum Parts

SYI Aluminum Division has different workshops specialized in:

– Aluminum Sand Castings
– Permanent Mould Castings
– Aluminum Die Castings
– Aluminum Extrusion

OEM Forgings

Using die forging and upset forging workmanship, up to 30 kgs, we are able to manufacture different designs according to customer’s drawing or sample.

SYI Forging Factory also uses advanced cold forging technology in the production of various machinery parts. With high-tech process featured in high efficiency, low energy consumption and high quality, Cold Forgings parts are used more and more for accuracy of dimension, weight and mechanical property.

– Die Forgings

– Cold Forgings

With different material grades and heat treatment requirement, we are able to manufacture as per customer’s drawing or sample.

SYI Group - Largest Custom Iron & Steel Casting Exporter

SYI Group is a globally trusted machining parts dealer. We have been in this industry for several years and have worked with several companies to meet their requirements. Feel free to browse through our product catalog or share your application requirements with us. We are sure that whatever you need, we always have the right product options for you. Throughout our journey as a well-reputed iron casting products maker, we provide high-quality casting services through our team of workers. Our specialist team uses high-tech machines to produce high-quality forging parts. We charge the lowest price for our casting and forging services.

Accurate, Defect-Free, and Strong Steel Castings from a Trusted Manufacturer

As a well-known steel casting exporter, we produce accurate casting products according to your needed specifications. Thus, you can be confident that these will meet your application needs perfectly. As a leading custom iron casting producer, we ensure that our casted products are free of defects and consistent in dimensions and performance. Hence, our products will meet the expectations of your customers. As a trusted custom steel casting exporter, we make strong castings that will remain intact regardless of the harsh conditions to which they are exposed. We are a leading machining parts distributor who produces lightweight castings. Hence, you can simply supply them to your customers. 

Strongest Forged Parts that Can Withstand Harsh Conditions

We are a trusted iron casting dealer who produces the strongest forged parts. Hence, our products will remain unharmed even after getting exposed to the harshest conditions. Our forged parts are extremely ductile. Thus, you can stretch and bend them to make different products. We are a renowned steel casting exporter; we make our forgings with the best surface finishings. Therefore, your customers will surely appreciate them. As a leading custom iron casting trader, we have met the demands of many businesses like yours. We are a custom steel casting exporter who can custom-design our forgings and castings for you to meet the particular needs of your customers. Our forgings are corrosion-resistant. Thus, these products will remain intact.

Shortest Lead Time, Amazing Discounts, and Guaranteed Delivery

We produce our forgings and castings in the shortest lead time. You will realize that after comparing our lead time with other casting and forging service providers. We offer amazing discounts in the market. You will know that after comparing our prices with our competitors. This comparison will tell you that you have saved a lot after availing of our services. We are known for meeting every delivery deadline. Hence, a shipping contractor will supply you with our castings and forgings on time.