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Professional China Manhole Covers Exporter of the Municipal, Drainage & Machinery Products & Services!

SYI Foundry ( Shanxi Yuansheng Casting & Forging Industrial Co., Ltd. ) – a Proud Member of SYI Group – manufactures Manhole Covers, Gully Gratings, Surface Boxes, Tree Gratings, Bollards, Garden Benches, Cast Lamp Posts & Base, All types of SYI/OEM municipal products and outdoor furnitures.

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Manhole Covers

– A15 Class ( < 15KN or 1.5MT )

– B125 Class ( < 125KN or 12.5MT )

– C250 Class ( < 250KN or 25MT )

– D400 Class ( < 400KN or 40MT )

– E600 Class ( < 600KN or 60MT )


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Gully / Manhole Gratings

– C250 Class ( < 250KN or 25MT )
– D400 Class ( < 400KN or 40MT )
– E600 Class ( < 600KN or 60MT )

Manhole Steps

– Polypropylene Manhole Step
– Aluminum Manhole Steps
– Cast Iron Step
– Steel Step

Street Furniture & Municipal Castings

– Street Bollards Municipal
– Tree Gratings and Frames
– Outdoor Garden Benches
– Street Light Poles & Bases
– Rainwater Gutter, Pipes & Accessories

OEM Industrial Castings

All kinds of Investment Castings / Precision Castings, Lost-Wax Castings, Resin Sand Casting, Lost Foam Castings and more.

Achievable: Min. Unit Weight: 0.2 kg, Max. Unit Weight: 2 tons & Max. Dim.: 10000 x 3000mm.

OEM / ODM request is very welcome!

Aluminum Parts

SYI Aluminum Division has different workshops specialized in:

– Aluminum Sand Castings
– Permanent Mould Castings
– Aluminum Die Castings
– Aluminum Extrusion

With different material grades and heat treatment requirement, we are able to manufacture as per customer’s drawing or sample.

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– Full Ranges of Manhole Covers, Gully Gratings & Surface Boxes

– OEM Services

– AutoCAD & 3D Model Design

– BSI Kitemark, NF, SGS and TUV Certified

– ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System

– EN124 / ASTM-A-48 / BS 5834

– High Value, Best Quality & On-time Delivery

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* With annual production capacity of 35,000 tons, our major equipments include 2 sets of automatic moulding lines, 4 sets of 5-tons cupola and furnaces, 2 sets of load testing machines, 1 epoxy coating machine, 5 sets of core-shooting machines, 3 set of shot blasting machines, 4 set of water pressure machines, 2 machining workshops and all necessary chemical and physical test facilities.

* SYI Foundry has obtained the country & authority approvals as MEW, MPW & MOC-Kuwait, TAKREER-UAE, HAYA-Oman, KARAHMAA & Q-TEL for Qatar, MOW in Bahrain, Aramco in KSA, NWSDB-Sri Lanka, WMA for Mauritius, CPRU for Brunei and PPAT in Cyprus.

* Besides the standard products, SYI can be the specialist of your Personal Tailor also!

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SYI regards quality as an essential and integral part of our business success. Until now, we are ISO9001:2008 TUV certified, BSI Kitemarked, SGS certified, UL listed, FM certified, NF certified and CE certified. Manufacturing “SYI” Brand products has evolved as a mark of quality!

SYI Group: Leading Foundry Equipment Supplier

SYI Group commits to making the best quality manhole covers and steps for its customers. We produce our products by using the latest technologies and machines.  Our specialist team ensures manhole steps and covers meet quality standards. Skilled workers play a vital role.

They maintain strict quality standards. We use the best materials to make these products.  A quality testing team inspects manhole lids. They also inspect ladders. We make sure that our products meet the expectations of their end users.  We are a reputable distributor of manhole steps. We sell our products at the market's lowest prices.

Manhole Covers That Can Withstand Heavy Loads and Harsh Conditions

We make durable manhole covers by using strong concrete and stainless steel. These materials ensure the final product remains intact. They withstand wear and tear. They expose the product to these conditions. Manhole lids here can tolerate the weight of vehicles and people. These products can also sustain themselves when exposed to water and other elements.

Our manhole covers are safe to use. Hence, you can safely use them.  We are a renowned China manhole covers manufacturer. Our manhole lids feature non-slip surfaces. These surfaces help prevent people from slipping. . Our manhole covers are visible even during the night.

Durable, Customizable, and Visible Manhole Steps from a Trusted Supplier

We use durable materials to make manhole steps here.  These products have exceptional durability. They withstand heavy equipment and people. We are a trusted manhole steps provider. We custom-design manhole ladders. We cater to specific customer demands.

Several municipalities and businesses like yours have purchased our manhole covers and steps. Our manhole ladders are easily visible at night. Hence, people can easily see them. Manhole steps here have non-slip surfaces. Thus, their final-end users will find them safe to use.

Fast Production, Excellent Customer Service, and Competitive Prices

We make manhole covers and steps here very quickly.  Our production speed guarantees meeting tight delivery deadlines. We offer competitive market discounts. Our customer services teams are available all week to answer your product questions. You can compare our minimum order quantities. You can compare our prices. You can compare our lead times. Feel free to do this with other suppliers. You can compare to see your savings when buying our products. We maintain product stock for on-time deliveries. Hence, a shipping contractor will supply you with our manhole lids and ladders on time.