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SYI Equipment Division ( a Proud Member of SYI Group ) – manufactures inverter industrial electric heating equipment and industrial micro control units.

The main products are KGPS Series Thyristors Medium Frequency Power Source, GW Series Medium Frequency Induction Coreless Melting Furnace, GT Series Medium Frequency induction Diathermanous Equipment and BCT Series Closed Type Cooling Tower. These products cover 4 series and 40 plus models. They are widely used in many industry fields such as metallurgy, machinery and construction materials etc.


KGPS Series Thyristors Medium Frequency Power Source


KGPS Series Thyristors Medium Frequency Power Source is the product through many years of absorbing foreign advanced technology, based on customers’ actual needs and having been innovated continuously to date.The inverter circuit of our brand new KGPS Medium Frequency Power Source Cabinet consists of 16 of silicon controlled units, hence users’ maintenance cost is lowered and efficiency is increased.

>> Application

This is mainly used as the medium frequency power source for induction melting, heat preservation, diathermia and quenching.

>> Characteristics

– Completely intergrated circuits constant rated power control panel;

– Hihg-performance control guaranteeing you successful start-up with one single try in any circumstances and then with aoutomatic adjustment;

– High reliability, simplified operation and easy maintenance;

– High-efficiency-and-low-consumption conversion between electricity and heat meaning an up to 30% power save in your melting.

Main models and parameters of KGPS Series Thyristors Medium Frequency Power Source

Model Rated Power (Kw) Rated Frequency (kHz) Rated Operational Voltage (V) Primary Voltage (V)
KGPS-0.25-1 315 1; 2.5; 4; 8 800 3N-380
KGPS-0.5-1 400 1; 2.5; 4; 8 800 3N-380
KGPS-0.75-1 500 1; 2.5; 4; 8 800 3N-380
KGPS-1-1 630 0.5; 1; 2.5; 4; 8 850/1200 3N-380/660
KGPS-1.5-1 800 0.5; 1; 2.5; 4; 8 850/1200 3N-380/660
KGPS-2-1 1250 0.5; 1; 2.5; 4; 8 1200 3N-660
KGPS-3-1 1600 0.2; 0.5; 1; 2.5 1200 3N-660
KGPS-5-1 2000 0.2; 0.5; 1; 2.5 1200 3N-660


GW Series Medium Frequency Induction Coreless Melting FurnaceGW-Series-Medium-Frequency-Induction-Coreless-Melting-Furnace01

It is mainly used for ferrous and non-ferrous metal melting, such as iron, carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel; Copper, Aluminium and Zinc.

It is with compact structure, easy operation, reliable running, high efficiency, low unit energy consumption, high overloading ability; low melting loss, easy control over metallic composition.


Main models and Parameters of GW Series Medium Frequency Induction Coreless Melting Furnace

Model Rated Melting Amount (T) Rated Power (Kw) Rated Frequency (KHZ) Rated Operational Voltage(V) Iron Melting  Steel Melting
Power Consumption (Kw.h/t) Melting Power (t/h) Power Consumption (Kw.h/t) Melting Power (t/h)
GW0.25-160-1 0.25 160 1 800 1150 0.220 880 0.30
GW0.5-250-1 0.50 400 1 800 1100 0.380 850 0.40
GW0.75-350-1 0.75 500 1 800 1020 0.500 800 0.80
GW1-500-1 1.00 630 1 850/1200 950 0.850 750 1.10
GW1.5-750-1 1.50 800 1 850/1200 900 1.000 730 1.30
GW2-1000-1 2.00 1000 1 1200 850 1.300 720 1.60
GW2.5-1250-0.5 2.50 1250 0.5 1200 800 2.500 700 2.30
GW3-1500-0.5 3.00 1500 0.5 1400 780 2.700 650 2.80
GW5-2000-0.5 5.00 2000 0.5 1400 750 3.800 610 4.20
  • Various induction heating coil
    Various induction heating coil
  • Various-medium-high-frequency-transformerFrequency transformer
  • Electric-CapacitorElectric Capacitor
  • Various-electric-reactor-windingVarious electric reactor winding
  • Rubber-hoseRubber hose
  • 06Medium-high-frequency-control-panelControl panel
  • 07Asbestos-boardAsbestos-board
  • 08Various-reducer-componentsVarious reducer components
  • 09ThyristorThyristor
  • 10Various-thyristor-radiatorVarious thyristor radiator
  • 11Speed-reducerSpeed reducer
  • 12Various-insulation-materialsVarious insulation materials
  • 13Various-magnetic-rings-and-coresVarious magnetic rings and cores
  • 14Hydraulic-pressure-stationHydraulic pressure station
  • 15Electric-reactorElectric reactor
  • 16Various-jointsVarious joints


GT Series Medium Frequency induction Diathermanous Equipment

>> ApplicationGT-Series-Medium-Frequency-induction-Diathermanous-Equipment02

It is mainly used to heat the metallic materials up before forging, extruding and hot rolling, and used to do some heat treatments.

>> Charateristics

– It is designed in an electro-mechanically integrated structure and occupies less area, so it is convenient for use in mechanization and automation production line.

– It is with high heating speed, low decarbonization, high efficiency and good process repeatability.

– There are many models of heating inductors and all highly efficient; the refractory lining is with long life span and replacing process is simple.

– The working environment is good, pollution is low and labor intensity is low.



BCT Series Closed Type Cooling Tower

The closed type cooling tower consists of the mainframe, expansion tank, circulating pump and electric control cabinet. The mainframe consists of housing, heat exchanger, draught fan, spraying system, water tank and pipe line valves etc.


The heat carrying medium (cooling water, oil or other liquid) is driven by the system’s circulating pump and flowing in the coiler then through to the equipment to be cooled (such as power source, furnace body etc).
The heat is transferred from the medium to the coiler wall. The spraying water is evenly sprayed on the heat exchanger and then forms a coat of even water film on the outside surface of the coiler. Driven by the draught fan, cool air enters the tower through the inlet at the bottom of the tower body, and flows against the spraying water direction so that they have full contact and full heat exchange. Part of the water evaporates and reduce the temperature of the spraying water. The damp hot water, after absorbing heat, is discharged into the atsmosphere by the draught fan. The low temperature spraying water, after absorbing heat from the coiler, flows down into the tank at the bottom of the tower, and then is sent by the spraying system pump up again into the spraying system. During the heat exchange, the heat carrying medium inside the coiler won’t be in direct contact with air so its quality could be maintained.

The closed type cooling tower has two operating models, one is air cooling, and the other is air + spraying water cooling. Two models are switched between each other automaticly by the electric control system based on the working conditions and so that energy saving is realized.


>> Characteristics

– Cooling medium is in a completely closed circulation so impurities are prevented from entering into the system and medium is prevented from evaporating.
– Soft water is used as the cooling medium, it won’t scale to block the pipe line.
– With the two cooling models of air cooling and cooling by spraying water evaperating & absorbing heat, high cooling efficiency and engergy saving could be guaranteed.
– With the small volume, it is easy to move and install. And cooling pool is not needed.
– With the automation intelligant control, cooling model shifting is automated and operation is simplified.
– It is with wide-ranging applicaation. It can be used to cool quenching liquid, oil and alcoholics ect medium that won’t corrode the heat exchanger, and won’t cause any loss of the medium.

>> Application scope

– To do the cooling for cold induction heating equipment and metal melting equipment, such as high/medium frequency quenching equipment, medium frequency power source and electric furnace, induction diathermanous furnace and holding furnace.
– To do the cooling for various reactors and for the circulation water in condensers in chemical industry.
– To do the cooling for large electrical motor, diesel engine, air compressor, rectifying equipment, electric welding equipment, hydraulic pressure station and continuous casting equipment etc.
– To do the cooling for large tooling such as metal pressure die casting tooling and injection tooling etc.
– To do the cooling for industrial solution such as quenching liquid and electroplating liquid.
– To do the cooling for main refrigeration machine and water source heat pump.

Closed type cooling tower’s advantages compared to other heat-extraction system

SYI-EQUIPMENTS-03* In comparison with air cooling system: Process temperature is lowered by 10-20 ℃, space needed is smaller and energy consumption is lower.
* In comparison with disposable water cooling system: Environmental harm is reduced and energy saving could be up to 95%.
* In comparison with cooling tower + heat exchanger system: The temperature is closer to that of the air, and scaling is reduced and efficiency is increased.
* In comparison with open type cooling tower: As the closed type could be rid of potential contamination, the scaling during the process is largely redued and constant process quality could maintain in a long term operation.