History and Milestones

The Founder: Mr. Zhang Jun

1986, Mr. Zhang Jun joins China Min-Metals Corp. and begins to guide Shanxi Factories to international business.

1988SYI is founded by Mr. Zhang Jun.

1997, SYI establishes its first manufacturing plant – SYI Foundry.

 2001, SYI acquires Xinxing Pipe Fittings Co. Ltd.syi-foundry

2002, SYI Forging Factory is purchased.

2004, SYI forms its first overseas subsidiary – SYI (US) LLC in Arizona, US. SYI begins producing by Automatic Moulding Lines.

2005, Mr. Zhang Jun is named Vice Chairman of CCCME, leading Chinese Foundries to response EU Anti-Dumping suit.

Managing Director: Mr. Zhang Fan

2008, Mr. Zhang Fan takes over his father’s adventure.

2009, SYI acquires Ductile Iron Pipe Plant(Subsidiary Website: www.sunspipe.com).Suns logo

2010, SYI opens its worldwide business center – SYI Group Corporation in Hong Kong. SYI Pipeline Corporation is built up.

2012, SYI OEM Division and SYI Aluminum Division are established.

2016, SYI introduces production and management technology from HINODE-Japan.