• Valves


SYI designs and manufactures complete series of Valves according to DIN/BS / EN / API / ANSI / AWWA / ASME / Russian and other major standards.
–  Gate Valves
–  Butterfly Valves
–  Check Valves
–  Y-Strainers
–  Air Release Valves
–  Globe Valves
–  Fire Hydrants


Butterfly Valve Manufacturer – Powerful Control on Water and Gas Flow

Shanxi Yuansheng Casting & Forging Industrial Co., Ltd. produces high-quality metal valves and also manhole steps. We have a high capability of manufacturing customized valves. These valves will perform higher than your expectations. The reason behind that is the usage of different metals for the strength of valves users seek.

An ordinary valve can not survive against the high pressure of steam, unlike SYI Group’s valves. We manufacture valves to face the harshest impact of both liquid and gas. Not only that, we also make them withstand extreme temperatures.

Valves Production Facility of SYI Group

SYI Group has an immense facility of production as we are a mega gate valves supplier. To meet each requirement of production, we take all the necessary steps. Then, our valves perform great for oil, water, gas, and steam pipelines. There is neither any risk of leakage nor any other problem in these valves. It also includes our strict control of production costs. We do that for the sake of bulk production and low-priced supply.

Extensive Collection of Valves

At SYI Group, you will get most of the types of valves. It can be gate valves, check valves, butterfly valves, globe valves, or Y-strainers. We are a gate valves supplier that has a huge range of valves in different sizes.  Various pipelines require distinct valves. Our team tailors production to each customer's needs. 

Quality Assurance of Valves for More Reliability

The safety of consumers and the piping system is very crucial. We follow DIN, EN, BS, ANSI, API, AWWA, ASME, and ISO 9001:2008. These standards suit various applications and pressure limits.  We work on this section to supply valves all over the world. This means that consumers can trust our valves without any doubt.

Competitive Prices and Timely Delivery of Valves

Shanxi Yuansheng Casting & Forging Industrial Co., Ltd. is an OEM of valves in the wholesale industry. SYI Group is a gate valve supplier that has very competitive rates for all of you. Purchasing high-grade valves in bulk will be more affordable now.

The production and supply of SYI Group focuses on discounted rates. We keep the prices low so you can afford these valves. Our metals are of top-grade quality, which we use in low-cost production. Thus, we supply massive quantities of valves globally at factory rates.