• Aluminum Parts

Aluminum Parts

SYI Aluminum Division has different workshops specialized in:

– Aluminum Sand Castings
– Permanent Mould Castings
– Aluminum Die Castings
– Aluminum Extrusion


Lightweight and A1-Grade Machining Part Manufacturer of Aluminum
Shanxi Yuansheng Casting & Forging Industrial Co., Ltd. is unlocking the gates of machining parts. You should have a look at the metal parts we manufacture in our facility. Aluminum parts are available at SYI Group in different shapes and sizes. You can find a real deal of strength and applications of these aluminum parts. They are lightweight, which makes them easy to install and maintain. The quality of aluminum is the finest, which they prove through the performance.
Aluminum Sand Casting, Die Casting, Mold Casting, and Other Methods
An ample amount of customization in the production is available. SYI Group employs several methods: aluminum sand casting, mold casting, and die casting. These methods enable us to produce a wide variety of custom aluminum parts. The strength we determine in the methods is through the ratio of aluminum and other elements. This is why we work on each factor of the machining and die casting. 

Custom Designing with CNC Machines and Aluminum Finishing

This customization becomes better with the addition of CNC machining techniques. We use CNC machines for finishing of machining parts. Edges, borders, and surface finishing are part of our finalization of production. Industries demand diverse aluminum parts for machines and structures. . You can ask us to manufacture them with better quality and finishing.

Avail of Slashed Prices and Massive Production

Do you need a machining part exporter who offers wholesale rates? SYI Group has the most affordable prices for machining parts of aluminum. We can manufacture as much as you want. Large orders mean mega discounts. We deal in bulk production, which shows a high possibility of unbelievable prices. The best way to get those low rates is by contacting us. We can manufacture the best-grade machining parts at low cost. We maintain the cost at a low level to offer wholesale rates to buyers. 
Why Choosing Us is Good for Your Business?
You want a supplier who can meet quality and delivery time. The Shanxi Yuansheng Casting & Forging Industrial Co., Ltd. has all the characteristics for that. We provide OEM services to local as well as global buyers. From east to west, we cover all countries as much as possible. Metal quality, machine production, and modern methods are part of our success.