Company Brief

Specialist in Municipal, Drainage & Machinery Products & Services

SYI Group Companies have served the society since 1988, with best Municipal, Drainage and Machinery products.

*     SYI Foundry (Shanxi Yuansheng Casting & Forging Industrial Co., Ltd.) – manufactures Manhole Covers, Gully Gratings, Surface Boxes, Tree Gratings, Bollards, Garden Benches, Cast Lamp Posts & Bases and all types of OEM/ODM municipal products and outdoor furnitures.


*     SYI Pipeline Corporation – manufactures a full range of Pipeline products and accessories like Pipes, Fittings, Valves, Universal Couplings, Flanged Adaptors, Quick Adaptors, Dismantling Joints, Clamps, Fire Hydrants, and etc.


*     SYI Industrial Casting Division (Shanxi Yuansheng Industrial Co., Ltd.) –manufactures OEM Industrial, Electrical, Agricultural, Automobile parts by Investment Castings / Precision Castings / Lost-Wax Castings, Resin Sand Castings, Lost Foam Castings and more.


*     SYI Forging Factory (Shanxi Yuansheng Casting & Forging Industrial Co., Ltd.) – manufactures Flanges, Forged Rings, Forged Fittings, Wind Turbine Forgings, Shafts, Lifting Anchors, Drop Forgings, Cold Forgings and other Free Forging and Die Forging products


*     SYI Aluminum Division – fmanufactures Aluminum Sand Castings, Permanent Mould, Aluminum Die Castings, Aluminum Extrusions and all types of aluminum products.


Since the second half of 20th century, SYI has been an OEM manufacturer of machined & un-machined castings and forgings in a variety of industries. Today, we manufacture over 1,000 products – everything from single flange to customized street lamps. SYI are continuing to refine our role as a technical expert, quality leader and fast reactor.

At Shanxi base, we have over 500,000 square meters of workshop, warehousing and production facilities. We have 4 automatic moulding machine lines, CNC machining center, professional laboratory, in-house pattern & tooling shops and most important-a group of highly experienced and technically qualified staff.

SYI regards quality as an essential and integral part of our business success. Until now, we are ISO9001:2008, TUV certified, BSI Kitemarked, SGS certified, UL listed, FM certified, NF certified and CE certified. Manufacturing “SYI” Brand products has evolved as a mark of quality!

SYI also has the capacity to assist the customer from initial design, engineering to first sample and production.

Our aim is to provide all of our customers with VALUE of the products instead of only low prices!