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China Forging Parts Manufacturer of Forging parts for Industrial and Oil & Gas fields

SYI Forging Factory (a Proud Member of SYI Group)-manufactures Flanges, Forged Rings, Forged Fittings, Wind Turbine Forgings, Shafts, Lifting Anchors, Drop Forgings, Cold Forgings and other Free Forging and Die Forging products from DN10 to DN5000.


– Weld Neck Flanges

– Socket Weld Flanges

– Blind Flanges

– Threaded Flanges

– Slip On Flanges

– Lap Joint Flanges

– Special Flanges

– Forged Rings

– Wind Power Turbine Flanges


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OEM Forgings

Using die forging and upset forging workmanship, up to 30 kgs, we are able to manufacture different designs according to customer’s drawing or sample.

SYI Forging Factory also uses advanced cold forging technology in the production of various machinery parts. With high-tech process featured in high efficiency, low energy consumption and high quality, Cold Forgings parts are used more and more for accuracy of dimension, weight and mechanical property.

– Die Forgings

– Cold Forgings


Steel Pipes

– Seamless Steel Pipes
– Welded Steel Pipes
– ERW, LSAW, BW, API Oil Pipes & Casings
Standards: API; ASME/ASTM; JIS; DIN …


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Steel Pipe Fittings

– Butt Weld Pipe Fittings
– Stainless Steel Pipe

Material: Carbon Steel & Alloy Steel
Standard: ASMEB16.9&ASMEB16.11 Type: Butt Welded & Socket Welded
Range: 1/2’’ NB to 80’’ NB



* SYI Forgings provides a full range of forged steel flanges, which are manufactured in accordance with ASTM, ANSI, API, MSS and other industry standards. Whenever you need special flanges i.e. high alloy, low temperature, high strength, high pressure, specialized dimensions and etc. – SYI Forgings is your answer!

* We Also Make Flanges & Forgings for Wind Power Turbines!

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SYI regards quality as an essential and integral part of our business success. Until now, we areISO9001:2008 TUV certified, BSI Kitemarked, SGS certified, UL listed, FM certified, NF certified and CE certified. Manufacturing “SYI” Brand products has evolved as a mark of quality!

SYI Group is a Globally-Recognized Custom Forging Manufacturer

Shanxi Yuansheng Casting & Forging Industrial Co., Ltd. is offering custom manufacturing to everyone.  You can order customized pipes, flanges, and fittings. We provide these forging parts to all.  These parts will support applications like water and gas supply.

All sectors like industrial, commercial, and domestic are suitable for it. You can install these forging parts for small, medium, and large-scale applications. Different methods and machines are part of the production. We use steel and other metals for forging purposes. This makes us a genuine manufacturer with genuine forging parts.

Forging Methods that Deliver Absolute Success

If you need a custom forging exporter, nothing is better than SYI Group. We use A1-grade forging methods for manufacturing. Pipes, fittings, manhole steps and flanges meet ultimate production quality at SYI Group.  We use forging methods for various shapes and sizes of piping products. Likewise, we follow die forging as well as cold forging methods. Then we coat them with anti-rust protection.

Mega Production of Pipes, Fittings, and Flanges

SYI Group is a reliable China forging parts manufacturer in the industry.  This mega production focuses on water and gas applications. It aims to meet their requirements. We have a huge capacity for using forging methods for piping components. We can perform custom manufacturing. This is for various pipe and fitting sizes. Also, we can manufacture flanges and fire hydrants through forging methods. Different types of forging methods meet high standards of production.

Avail Lower Prices and Bulk Supply from SYI Group 

By producing in large quantities, we offer wholesale rates. This is why we are a China forging parts supplier that you can afford. We can supply forging parts at factory rates to every buyer. It is all about offering cheap rates to international clients. We have bulk supply, low rates, and custom services for everyone. The reason we supply at a budget-friendly price is that we are an affordable supplier.

SYI Group is the Supplier You Would Want to Trade with

If you want to connect with a trusted name, SYI Group is the right one. The Shanxi Yuansheng Casting & Forging Industrial Co., Ltd. is a global supplier.  Our production meets standards such as ASTM, API, and ANSI. We subject both metal quality and pressure limits to rigorous quality testing. We do have OEM service, which makes our production further diversified. Every client gets benefits in terms of quality, price, delivery time, etc.