How to conduct professional cost analysis

On July 12, the company held a financial professional cost analysis training. The importance of cost analysis is self-evident, and effective cost control is the basic factor of success in fierce market competition.

Absolute cost control is not only a simple compression cost, need to establish a scientific and reasonable cost analysis and control system, a clear grasp of the company’s cost structure, profitability and decision-making in the right direction, fundamentally improve enterprise cost, so as to realize effective cost control.

The main contents of the training are:

1. Construct comprehensive enterprise cost management thinking and seek effective methods to improve enterprise cost.


2. Break out of the traditional cost control framework and analyze and control costs more broadly from the perspective of the overall operation of the company.


3. Master the main methods of cost accounting and their respective advantages and disadvantages, and improve the existing accounting system according to the changes of the situation. 4. Master the main methods of cost analysis.

Training purpose is to make the cost analysis can improve the cost consciousness, the staff can be targeted in business negotiations, justified, help build cost management ability, comprehensive consideration of corporate interests, understand financial statements, and use the financial means, reasonable control costs, increase profits, reduce risk, so as to achieve profitability.

Improve efficiency, control risks, reduce costs, respond quickly to market changes, and implement correct cost analysis and control.

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