SYI company carries out QC project training to improve quality management

On July 12th, the company held QC training to bring advanced quality management concept to work. Before the meeting, the office did all the general mobilization, asking everyone to cherish this training opportunity, strictly abide by the training discipline during the training, to do the learning and use, and finally achieve the training purpose.

This training highlights the importance of implementing quality control standards system and the role that can be played in promoting high level of management and high quality.

Deeply how to establish the quality control management system, and make the training of personnel QC more comprehensively grasp the related knowledge, understand the concept and importance of QC, grasp the QC seven tools, and applied to practical work. The quality control management level, the promotion of product quality has laid a good foundation.

After the training, participants filled out the training effect summary evaluation form. From training to master the world advanced quality management methods, learned to use performance excellence in diagnosis and evaluation of enterprise management level, and continuously improve the management of the QC, eliminate quality problems from the root.


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